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A good way to know your hat size is to drop by the store and try on some hats or get measured. In order for you to be satisfied with your hat purchase, you will need to order the right hat size, an important responsibility.

To get a precise measurement you can use a loose tape measure or string, and measure the outside circumference of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, across the forehead where the bottom band of the hat will rest. Compare the measurement of inches or centimeters to the chart below.

Keep in mind, different hat brands vary slightly on their meaning of a certain size, much like different clothing brands. Some hat brands offer only one size, while others offer many sizes. People may also have their own preferences on how tight or loose they enjoy their hat.

There may be a chance you're in-between two sizes. Choosing the smaller size may result in being uncomfortable. It is recommended to go with the slightly bigger size. To help with the fit, a foam piece can be inserted on the inside of the hat, behind the hatband.